the view from here


I really need to start using the proper camera in order to post some decent photos. This is the view from the back deck. It’s been a quiet day with the inlaws taking down a few trees on their property in order to avoid root growth into their new septic tank. There is new dirt with tiny grass seedlings covering it and heaven help me if my dog plows through it again, I will no longer be the favourite daughter in law.


In other news, my coffee cup is sprouting a handle.

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2 Responses to the view from here

  1. Mary Agnes says:

    Came over to your blog from your comment on the Stitch bitch’s blog. Enjoyed reading about your projects and where you live. I’ll be back!!

    • caroline says:

      Thank you Mary Agnes! I would like to read your blog as well but I’m getting a strange message from Blogger – do you have a different web address?

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