Back in the big city

It’s been a long day, we didn’t leave the island until 3:30 and it’s approximately a 5 hour drive. Nicolas had a nap towards the end of the trip and listen to this – Sarah drove the entire way except for the highway section which she is not allowed to do yet. She did a fantastic job, though does seem to have a rather lead foot at times which I attribute to her fathers’ genes……

I’m gorging myself on internet tonight and checking out all of the little things that I’ve been saving up until home and first up is watching and doing the show notes for the previous episode of the Fibre Friends podcast. Since we are recording the next one on Tuesday night, I should get my act in gear. Tomorrow morning, Sarah is having her wisdom teeth out (plus an extra molar) so there will be plenty of smoothies, scrambled eggs and ice cream in our near future.

My Surge shawl by NBK Designs is thiiiiiiiiiis close to being finished. I might treat myself to an extra little cup of coffee tonight and see if I can power through and be able to block it tomorrow before the recording. Then I’ll need to sort out the projects for the stitching video and get on that on Wednesday. This is pretty fun, if I do say so myself – I’m loving the podcasting community and the response to the videos has been overwhelmingly kind.

Wishing you all a great week ahead with plenty of time to find yourself tucked up with a favourite project!

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4 Responses to Back in the big city

  1. Louise says:

    Look at all the extra knitting time you have while being chauffeured around!

  2. margo says:

    Fingers crossed you get the surge finished, I am keeping my Dissent for some knitting time on the weekend as I am going away to the beach for a few days as a special treat for myself.
    Hope all goes well for Sarah, stock up on pain relief. …..been through this when my daughter was 23, her diet for a few days was warm tomato soup (no hot food ) or yogurt .She was miserable for the first day then picked up pretty quickly.
    Yaaay a new podcast which I will be able to watch on the balcony when I am at the coast with the sound of the ocean for company. …nothing better !

  3. Julie says:

    Good morning, I am curious, is there a road to the island or do you park and travel by boat? I found you on Flosstube and would love to see more pictures, hear more about your life, but am not interested in Instragram. I don’t have time and try and limit all of those things, though you make a very encouraging argument for instagram! I have an account, but I haven’t accessed it in years and haven’t a clue even how to. Looking forward to watching your new Flosstube video. Lovely Lovely LOVELY stitching above!

    • caroline says:

      Thank you Julie! My FIL owns a small property on the mainland that is basically rock and trees (this is Canadian Shield territory where we park our cars. We have a dock there where we can park our boat and my FIL’s. It’s then a 10 min boat ride out into Georgian Bay where we are on an island that is about 75 acres. (would take about 1.5 hrs to walk around the whole thing) There are 4 other cottages besides ours and Herb’s and the majority of the island is still crown land owned by the government. Herb purchased two lots here back in the ’60’s and gave us the second plot a number of years ago. My husband designed and built our small cabin and it’s where we feel most at home. I think I will do a series of written posts – it’s been a number of years since I explained how we live up here, and it is extremely unique and beautiful. Thank you so much for asking!

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