Ahoy weekend

I have so many plans for the weekend ahead, I can hardly wait to get started. On the left is a super simple, I love it so much, shawl by a good Instagram friend in the Netherlands. Josh is just one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met. Her Triangular Curve shawl makes me very happy and I hope to put a huge dent in my yarn cake by Sunday. My other project here is my Fibre Friends sock. I really need to get the heel in – most likely a fish lips kiss style so that my socks match with Adrienne and Louise’s.

Speaking of the girls, we put up episode 2 last week if you need some knitting company this weekend –  found here:

I hope you enjoy and get a few rows finished. Do you have any other podcasts that you love to watch? Leave a comment!

Happy stitching/knitting/sewing/hooking/beading/painting/insert your craft here. Whatever you do, I hope it brings you joy!

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4 Responses to Ahoy weekend

  1. margo says:

    Hi from sunny Queensland, watched the podcast yesterday morning. You girls are so interesting and entertaining, and it is good to hear about different yarn producers and dyers.
    I am now motivated to check out some of the indi dyers here and have already started a pair of socks in cream and mocha from a one I found online. I am knitting them toe up so I can use all the yarn and make the socks nice and long for a friend who feels the cold.
    I am condensing the pattern and rewriting it to fit on a postcard size to keep in my sock bag.

    Looking forward to the next podcast.

    • caroline says:

      Thank you, Margaret! We are really enjoying ourselves and hearing positive feedback makes us feel rather wonderful. I think it’s fabulous that you are knitting some socks and I just know that you’ll find so many wonderful indi dyers that are local to you. Your friend is certainly lucky to be receiving such a thoughtful, warm gift. We record again Friday morning, it should be up by Saturday morning (evening for you)

  2. Linda says:

    Love your podcast! Another one I enjoy is The Grocery Girls.

    Wanted to say also – loved your “ode to John”…

    Linda in VA

    • caroline says:

      Thank you so much Linda! My husband is a true trooper when it comes to my crazy crafting, and wanted full credit for his part in my new set up 😉

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