Sunday morning


I had a lovely day off yesterday with a couple of very good friends. We were supposed to travel to a local knitters festival but I was put off by a terrible weather forecast. Dr. Reed Timmer travelled up to our corner of the world in his fancy vehicle in order to hopefully chase a tornado. Our city didn’t see much action but I think to the south of us there were some terrible thunderstorms and rotation over the Great Lakes. So instead of driving, we stayed put and enjoyed a day of friendship and knitting/stitching. It was great!

I’m hoping to finish the 4th design of Frosty Forest later this week, they are such sweet easy finishes – like candy! I’m enjoying the linen that was chosen for this stitch – over 2 with two threads on 32 count. There is good coverage with the thread and the design colours show nicely on the grey fabric.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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2 Responses to Sunday morning

  1. just seeing a lovely winter scene gives me hope that this endless heatwave will eventually end!!!!

  2. Gracie says:

    Just catching up on your last few posts… the coffee cup is such a pleasure to view! I can not see any faults in it. I’m so excited to know your son is enjoying the water more, and that you had happy times with your daughter and other family members at the cabin before your re-entry into your noisy, busy, but creative city life. Happy stitching as the days progress to the official beginning of Autumn, Caroline. xx

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