March Break!

I love March Break – I’m always so ready to spend time with my family as my schedule is quite hectic during the school year. Fortunately my husband was able to also take a week of vacation and our plans are to relax, relax and relax.

Lots of knitting (Pine Forest Baby Blanket):


Lots of stitching (Amtrak – Sampler Cove Designs):


And even more time spent with my favourite people.


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4 Responses to March Break!

  1. fawn says:

    Ahhh… so nice to have some time off together! Our Spring Break is next week and I can’t wait.

    Your needlework is always so beautiful!

  2. Davidsmom says:

    Hope you’ve all had a wonderful time this week (and the lovely weather we’ve had!)!!

    Your baby blanket is coming along beautifully (wish I could knit so perfectly ;p), and your Amtrack makes me want to put some stitches in my Round & Round by Rosewood Manor – but I’ve been working on my Loose Feathers because I hope for a finish for the retreat!

  3. Gracie says:

    Somehow I missed much of your March marching, Caroline, and am enjoying catching up. I especially love the father&son photo…and your stitching is lovely! xx

    • caroline says:

      Thanks for all of your lovely comments Gracie! 🙂 It’s nice to have a bit of a virtual catch up sometimes, isn;t it? I enjoy your blog the same way.

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