Just another Manic Monday, I wish it were Sunday.

‘Cause that’s my fun day.

It’s paperwork Monday here for me, and I can tell you I’d much rather be stitching or knitting. However, since those activities don’t pay the bills – paperwork it is.

I can reminisce though, and that’s a bit of quick fun. I stopped by my LNS on Friday to pick up some fabric for the other Hands on Design “a year of chalk” – you may recall that I stitched November’s design. While I was there, Neale – one of the owners and framer extraordinaire gave me a sneak peek of my Blackbird Designs “Christmas Garden”, which is just awaiting a piece of glass. I loved every minute of stitching this piece and I saved all of my Christmas money to pay for having it framed exactly the way I wanted. Framing is very dear and I know that I should practice some other finishing techniques on the other pieces that are waiting in the closet to be finish finished so that I don’t bankrupt us.


The other WIP that I worked on last weekend was my Beth Russell tapestry piece. This is my oldest project by far (at least ten years?) and I finally made it to the top left corner. I do so hope to finish it this year. John asked me how I wanted to hang it. I said I wanted to frame it….. just to see the look on his face (but also because I’m preparing him mentally for the possibility of framing it?) We’ll see 😉


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10 Responses to Just another Manic Monday, I wish it were Sunday.

  1. Ivona says:

    Your Christmas garden looks fantastic, its great to see stitch piece being framed. Most of mine cross stitch projects are framed by me just because its way too expensive to do custom framing.

  2. Gracie says:

    You are creating treasures, and the framing should help to lengthen the lives of your lovely works so that they can be enjoyed for a very long time…a good investment of your resources! xx

  3. Adrienne says:

    Simply stunning. I thought Christmas Garden looked great when you were done stitching it, but now … it’s a whole new level of gorgeous!

  4. Davidsmom says:

    I agree with Adrienne – your Christmas Garden is absolutely stunning (you and Neale did a wonderful job)!!

    And – your Beth Russell tapestry piece – I’ve always had a soft spot/(envious wish) for it since I first saw it… You are sooooo close now! :-0

    • caroline says:

      You sweet thing – thank you 🙂
      You could do the tapestry, or choose a smaller one from the book – they’re not hard and with a good thimble to help pull the wool through it’s fairly quick. Miss you…. xoxo

  5. fawn says:

    I have framed a few pieces on my own, but for the biggies on which I’ve spent lots of time an money, I go to a professional! It’s worth every penny (in my opinion) so that it’s protected and done well.
    Tangent (kinda)- it makes me so sad to see old framed stitched pieces and garage sales and thrift shops, knowing how much went into them at some point.

  6. John says:

    I guess we’ll to sell one of the cars to get that frame!

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