Family Day

First up, a finish! I’ve completed the first Santa design of PrairieSchooler’s Woodland Santas. I will be stitching all four designs horizontally with some sort of dividing border in between each. I’m looking for something that looks like a bit of holly in a row, something simple with the look that suits this designer. I’ve stitched it on 32 count linen with the called for DMC threads. It’s off the frame now and I’m working on part two of Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers – Autumn. I’ll post a photo when there’s actual progress to show.


We’ve had a quiet weekend. It snowed, and snowed and then snowed some more. We were to go to a Valentine’s party on Saturday and didn’t, and then were to drive to Niagara to visit my family and didn’t do that either. It really was just best to stay safe at home with roads that were too snowy to be safe. My husband loves (really loves) winter driving, it’s his favourite. not me. I’m a Class A winter road worrier. I think it’s genetic – my maternal grandmother would hide in her basement with a hand crank radio every time there was a thunder storm, convinced that a bolt of lightening would strike a tree which would then fall on her house. Don’t get me wrong, I love snow. Winter is my most favourite time of year. I just prefer to be inside beside the fire, knitting or stitching with a hot cup of coffee.

See? Far too much snow to go out.


Last week, I contacted a woman I met online through Ginny’s yarnalong – Natalie, from Marigold’s Loft. I follow her Instagram feed and when she posted some amazing weaving photos I reached out to her to ask for her help. Last summer I purchased a used loom after the beginner weaving class that I took. Well, let me tell you – this loom is a totally different kettle of fish. The woman I bought it from had it warped and left it for me to play with. For the life of me, I could not figure it out, and so the loom sat, and sat, and I’ve been too embarrassed to contact the seller to ask for help after almost 10 months. Can you understand? Natalie, lovely kind Natalie spent some email time with me trying to sort out my loom and warp and it became very clear to me (and probably abundantly clear to her from the outset) that I had no clue and would really need to start from the beginning again. She suggested a Craftsy class on weaving and I think it will be just the ticket. I need to have a free day to watch the lessons, then I will cut the warp and re-thread the heddles for a much simpler pattern. Wish me luck. Please note that as a small thank you to Natalie, I have linked to her affiliate link for that particular Craftsy class – the instructor is great and the speed of the instruction is perfect and very clear.


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8 Responses to Family Day

  1. Ivona says:

    You are right that is way too much snow to go out its better to stay inside and do some stitching. The cross stitch looks great.

  2. fawn says:

    Your cross stitch looks great. I particularly like the pheasant!
    Driving in snow… ugh. I’m not a fan either. Snow is a great excuse to hibernate if you ask me.
    That loom!!! WOW!!! It looks so serious!!! Can’t wait to see what you start weaving.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Congrats on finishing Santa!

    I totally agree about the snow. (I only left my place once all weekend!)

    I’m so excited for you to get back into weaving! The loom deserves some love. I think the Craftsy class is an awesome idea – wtg Natalie!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Good thinking not going out in that snow, it looks serious. How exciting to be getting back into weaving. My mother-in-law is an avid weaver. I’ve never really done any but I enjoy watching her work. Your stitching is beautiful, good job!

  5. Natalie says:

    Oh my, such kind words, thank you 🙂
    I am thrilled that I could help and look forward to seeing all of your amazing projects jumping off your lovely loom.
    Give me a shout if I can assist you in any way in the future.
    Warm regards

  6. Marion says:

    Look at all that snow! I can’t wait to see how you go with your weaving.
    I’ve been meaning to message you to say thank you again for sending me the pattern I won in a competition a while back. I finished the crossstitch ages ago and meant to iron it so I could send you a picture. But it still sits unironed so thought I had better say thank you anyway.
    I love reading your blog posts. Keep them up.
    Thanks again,

    • caroline says:

      Marion – I am so pleased that you liked it! It was fun for me to send something in the post that I knew was arriving in such a beautiful place as where you live 🙂 Thank you for your kind words

  7. karen says:

    internet people are the best 🙂 I bet you will conquer that loom, in fact I know it. I love your santa and I love your snow.

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