temari part 2b

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Today’s post will catch me up to what I had hoped to complete on Monday.

You’ll need the paper strip that we used to measure the ball to find the South pole. Fold it exactly in half again and clip another V notch in the right hand corner so that when opened there are now 3 total notches along the length of the strip. This is how you will begin the process of marking the middle of the ball for the “obi” (belt) which is the marking around the equator of the ball. I know the following photos are less than ideal but it has been grey and rainy all week and if I’m to get this done, this will have to do. If you cannot see clearly or don’t understand anything – please, leave me a question or comment. Take the paper strip and wrap it around the ball, from the North pole and back around to itself again, taking care to place the South pole in its notch. In the two new notches, place pins. You’ve now divided the equator in half. Using your eye, turn the ball and divide the equator now in quarters, then divide the quarters into eighths. When done, you should have 8 pins somewhat evenly around the belt of the temari.


Now we will make sure those 8 pins are in the correct location. Take a small fabric measuring tape and choose an obi pin to begin with. Wrap around right underneath the 8 pins and take the measurement being precise. The circumference of mine was 27.7cm. Divide that number by 8 and you have the distance that your pins should be apart, moving them carefully to preserve their location with regard to the vertical measurement taken with the strip. When they are even, you can double check their location with the paper strip again making sure everything is correct. That’s it for measuring, on Monday we will mark the lines with our metallic thread.


Yesterday was new toy day for Daria. Eddie isn’t interested in them, he seems afraid of them if you try to play – he likes to have fun when no one is around and it usually involves yarn. Daria on the other hand is still very much a puppy at 9 years old when there is a new toy just for her and she is always very vocal with her approval.


Life is good 🙂

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  1. Gracie says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to show us how to do this!!! It is on my list of want to makes 🙂 Oh, and I forgot to say thanks for your good wishes for Thanksgiving. We had a lovely celebration with new baby Sarah in our household! xx

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