Remembrance Day



I spent most of yesterday thinking it was Remembrance Day. I wore my poppy and at 11:11 I had a quiet moment and thought of how lucky I was to live in Canada and have the freedom that I do. It wasn’t until Sarah came home and after school and told me that her assembly was tomorrow (now today, of course) that I twigged that I had made a mistake. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a little extra gratitude though, so I will repeat my actions today.

I will be teaching a class on Temari embroidery at the end of this month at our LNS. I have the initial class model ball complete but I would like to also make a holiday one in order to show different colour ideas. I love blue and silver so I suspect I will go in that direction, though you can never go wrong with red, green and gold. These are Japanese thread balls and the history is fascinating if you’re inclined to look it up is a fantastic resource.


This is done with a herringbone stitch and lazy daisy stitches are filling in some of the spaces created by that stitch. I have a temari board on Pinterest if you would like to see some examples of how intricate they can get. They are beautiful, if you’re the sort who likes to do multiple types of crafting – be warned, you will be tempted to learn something new. In all honesty, at our house Sarah is the resident temari expert. This is a craft that she excels at and I normally teach the class with her. She is an invaluable partner and unfortunately this class is conflicting with her first concert weekend and she will have a dress rehearsal the same day making her unable to teach with me.  I always enjoy these classes, the students are keen and it can be a lot of fun.

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6 Responses to Remembrance Day

  1. woolythyme says:

    wish i was close enough to take your class….i’ve been intrigued by this for ages!!!

    • caroline says:

      There’s a great beginner book that explains the process thoroughly by Diana Vandervoort. It’s a fairly straight forward thing if you are handy with a needle already once you go through the steps. Like knitting or anything else, it improves with practice!

  2. fawn says:

    I have never heard of temari before, but now I am curious. It looks beautiful.

  3. Gracie says:

    Thanks for the links in this post, which I have just enjoyed exploring, Caroline! I admire the art form, and what you have created.
    I join you in gratitude for all those who have or are serving to promote peace and freedom. xx

  4. karen says:

    beautiful christmas ball and I know your class with be super fun!

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