here we go.

So, this is a project that I can actually see the end of maybe by the end of the year – so I’m starting with this in hopes that in dribs and drabs over the next two months it will be on my bed by the new year. Last year for my birthday (it was a big one, decade changer) my very talented SIL gave me a very special gift. She knew that John was also giving me a very special gift so she plotted accordingly. Along with Kathy’s help, John chose a sewing machine for me that will see me out to the end of my days. It’s a glorious machine that even a sewing beginner like me could use straight out of the box and with practice, sew a straight-ish seam. Kathy’s gift was a box loaded with pre-cut fabric that she laboured for days over with all of the pieces needed for a queen sized log cabin quilt. She even taught me how to put them together, lovely girl that she is. So I pieced and pieced and finally had a top. I made the sandwich on my kitchen floor. I did vacuum the dog hair up first, but Daria really wanted to supervise. I used a King sized sheet from a local discount outlet store as the backing and added in a strip of the red fabric as an accent.


I trimmed it up and am now in the process of hand tying it together with a black #5 perl cotton.


That would be Oscar the cat – he’s almost the same size as our beagle and can be much grouchier.

I have just the top left to finish up, then it needed trimming and binding. So close! I’ve only done the binding on one other couch sized quilt so will certainly need to look up some directions for this.

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  1. woolythyme says:

    WOW! What a labor of love. It’s gorgeous!!!

  2. margo says:

    The red border was a great idea, it makes it look so warm and cosy. It shouldn’t take long at all to tie it and and start using it, I love how it keeps you warm while you are tying or hand quilting.

    • margo says:

      Did you pin baste it ? It will end up all lumpy and bumpy if you don’t have the backing, wadding and top all smooth and straight (2 person job) on the floor. Have a look on line to see how it is done, it takes a while, but is well worth the effort for the finished quilt. …..have fun.

      • caroline says:

        Thank you Margo! I did cheat a little and spray basted it. It’s not perfect but good enough to get the job done. You’re right, that I also love having it on my lap while I finish the tying.

  3. karen says:

    that is stunning and beautiful!!! I wish I was more of a quilter than a full blown knitter 🙂 Lucky for me my mom has made me a quilt and my sister has skills and I get runners or wall hangings 🙂

  4. Oh my that is just beautiful! Nice job.

  5. Veronica says:

    Beautiful! I wish I knew how to quilt, I am not brave enough haha.
    Cute kitty!
    Warm hugs 🙂

  6. DavidsMom says:

    Wow!!! That is so stunning – what a beautiful job you did! A perfect blend of fabrics, and the border is exactly right. Makes me want to get out my sewing machine again and quilt something (small though, like maybe a table runner??) for myself…

    I am repeatedly amazed – how do you get so much accomplished on so many projects?!?!

  7. fawn says:

    Wow! You quilt too?!! This is an impressive project for a sewing beginner!

  8. margo says:

    Block pieces are a wonderful thoughtful gift, for someone who needs a project to get them through a bad time,someone who is busy but Neeeeds a quilt or to get someone started into quilting.
    My best friend gave me the pieces for an easy block, a square with rectangles on 2 sides,she had cut up an old Japanese cotton jacket for the squares and coordinated fabrics for the rectangles. It was easy and calming and beautiful.
    I was newly separated and this project saved my sanity and I have a truly lovely quilt as a constant reminder of the power of female friendship.
    I was an experienced quilter back then but she knew me well and “easy beautiful ” was just what I could cope with.

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