surprise party

On Saturday evening, my stitching friends and I planned a surprise potluck / stitching evening for one of our group who recently defended her PhD and is now an official Dr. I like to call her Dr. Smarty Pants. For many of Adrienne’s fellow student friends, she stitched them a special gift when they defended their thesis. She chose Ink Circles “Metamorphosis” for it’s symbolic grace and beautiful design. She stitched it four (!!) times. When we knew that her defence was close, our group decided that we needed to stitch it for her. Each of us took one motif and took our turn adding our hand work and good wishes to the gift. As 2 of our members are the owners of our LNS (really – could I have better friends??) Kathy chose the fabric and threads and Neale framed it beautifully.


I stitched the design that is 2nd from the right. Now that we have finally given it to her, I think it qualifies as a finish and in my little world, a finish always means a new start – maybe two. Right?

Congratulations Dr. Adrienne, PhD Smarty Pants extraordinaire.

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6 Responses to surprise party

  1. karen says:

    what a lovely thoughtful gift!! I know she is happy and congrats to being a DR!

  2. What a wonderful gift to mark such a special occasion and accomplishment. It’s beautiful. Congratulations Dr. Smarty pants. And, yes, I do believe this means a new project is called for.

  3. Adrienne says:

    It was a wonderful surprise and one of the most special gifts I’ve ever received! It’s stunning.

    Thank you all for the congratulations.

    Caroline … you definitely qualify for a new start or two. (Save one for the retreat!)

  4. fawn says:

    What a beautiful gift to mark such a special occasion!!! And can I tell you how jealous I am that you have actual real life stitching friends who own a LNS?!?

  5. erica says:

    Wow… what a beautiful gift.

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