yarny goodness

I’m joining in this Wednesday with Ginny and the Wednesday yarn and reading along. The lego is taking the place of my reading this week because that’s what Nicholas and I have been spending most free moments doing….

My garter stitch blanket start is coming along, I’ve added the third colour and now I can see properly how they will play together and I like it a lot. Simple mindless knitting is very good for the soul. So is a curled up dog at my feet……. Sarah is at home with her dad this week getting ready for the start of school and I miss her! I think maybe she misses me a little bit as well. High school already – where is the time going?


It’s stormy and rainy here still, I’ve been needing to run the generator for the water pump and charging the laptop and phone. The dogs come in wet from their morning, afternoon and evening constitutional and are really getting rather smelly. Daria (the Golden) might just get a bath in the lake on the weekend. Yes, it’s a funny name for a dog – we adopted her at age 5 and that’s the name she came with. I had a piano student once who misunderstood me when I told him her name and asked incredulously, “her name is Diarrhea????”” Ah, kids.



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7 Responses to yarny goodness

  1. mary m says:

    Oh, that looks cozy, although wet dog smell is not so pleasant. I hope the sun comes out for you soon.

  2. woolythyme says:

    i, too, like the way your colours are playing together….nice!!! (love the lake shot…beautiful!)

  3. Ann says:

    That blanket is sure going to be snuggly knit in garter stitch. I love the soft natural colors.

  4. Jenny says:

    The blanket and colours look wonderful – it looks really cosy, and I 100% agree mindless knitting is so so very soothing. Lego is AWESOME too, a great alternative to reading once in a while no doubt 🙂 jenny xx

  5. Love the beautiful colour combination of the blanket, really earthy and autumnal.

  6. Zena says:

    Lovely earthy colours. Mindless knitting is my favourite because I don’t make mistakes:) I hope the rain eases off.

  7. Adrienne says:

    I love garter stitch … your blanket is making me want to start yet another thing!! (I know, I usually want to start all the things, but this is some powerful inspiration.) Mmm blankety goodness!!

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