A quilt for the smallest





I began sewing a quilt as you go “stack and whack” style (isn’t that a horrible name?) flannel blanket for Nicholas last October. As is the norm with me, other projects caught my eye and it was tucked away into the closet. I intended it to be a surprise so wouldn’t work on it while he was around. Last weekend, the stars aligned and John took the children to the cottage for the weekend and I stayed home and hosted my sister-in-law who was taking an instructional swim coaching course at our local aquatic centre. She is a serious maker. I can do many different types of craft, but compared to me – Kathy is an olympic level crafter. I learn so much from her and I think that we inspire each other to complete things, improve our skill and have a pretty good time doing it. She helped remind me of the different steps needed to bind a quilt and off I went. By Sunday it was done and on his bed. You know how you build something up in your head so much that it can never live up to the hype? When they arrived home I needed to take Sarah to an oboe lesson so I told Nicholas not to go in his room, that I had a surprise for him and he should wait until I got home. I was so excited to give him the quilt, he had been asking for a blanket and I just knew he was going to love it. Well – telling him there was a surprise and making him wait was a huge mistake and I’m sure some of you have already guessed my error. He thought there was Lego waiting for him in his room. He tried really hard, but I could tell that he was disappointed. :whomp whomp: He does keep telling me that he likes it and has been sleeping under it for days AND the project is done and out of my closet so all in all, it’s a win.

On the stitching front, I had a small finish with the Little House Needleworks Frosty Forest #4 of 9. I’m still working away on my Ink Circles Cirque des Cirques and would love to finish that before Thanksgiving. In Canada, that’s coming very soon…..! This weekend I will also sit down and finally craft an actual letter to Margie in Australia. I won’t wait any longer to find the perfect stationary or worry about my penmanship – time to embrace the now. Is there someone you’ve been meaning to write? Keep me company this weekend and send an actual letter!

When John is away, Oscar curls up in his spot and keeps me company. I stitched the binding on the quilt, he quietly purred and snored with the occasional yawn. It was a good day.

“Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.”
― James Herriot, James Herriot’s Cat Stories

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Oh those Gilmore Girls


Is this just not the greatest show to watch while crafting? I’m ridiculously excited for the Netflix revival on Nov. 25 and have already made Sarah promise that she will set aside that Friday night to watch all 6 hours and eat Gilmore style snacks. I would prefer to spread out the pleasure (it took me two years to watch all of the first season of Outlander) but I just can’t take the chance that someone or something in the land of internet will spoil it for me. I’m not team Dean or anything like that, This is just where I am in the series, whilst re-watching the entire thing in preparation. Also, Miss Patty? She’s awesome.

There. Thanks for letting me share 😉

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Working on the old WIPs

Well hello!

This Ink Circles design didn’t get a single stitch put into it last year. In fact, when I unrolled it last Friday I was shocked at how much stitching was actually already complete! I’m about to start an A&E sampler stitch along with a few fellow crazy stitchers on Instagram and I figured that I really should try to finish up an older huge WIP before starting another. If I knuckle down, I might just do it. This is Cirques des Cirques by Ink Circles and this is the bottom left corner – or page 4 of the design. Pages 1-3 are complete and just that one motive where you can see the circle outline is what remains of page 4. I am using the most beautiful variegated silk thread from a woman who no longer dyes thread, and I bought it so long ago the price per skein was $2.75CDN. Let me tell you, silk thread is no longer anywhere near that price. So really, I was thinking ahead by thus padding my stash those many years ago. I’m saving money now!


Oh my heart, this dog. He was very ill last weekend, and I was quite concerned, as we really have no idea at all how old he really is. He seems to be OK now, and it’s anyones guess what caused the 24 hour “extravaganza” but oh, I’m glad it’s (fingers crossed) over. He is even more attached to me now than just a few months ago and the photo below is a pretty accurate image of where I see him when I look down, just change the room.


I hope you all are having a happy Tuesday and make time for a few stitches today.

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A birthday gift


This was supposed to be the beginning of a Mirkfallon shawl. For my sister-in-law’s birthday I ordered yarn and bought the pattern to make matching shawls (hers will be grey and gorgeous). It looks fine in the photo, but in reality, I just wasn’t quite happy with the gauge. It felt just a little loose. Since it’s 8 skeins and not a small project, I want the drape to be just so, and I want to love it – so rip rip rip. I’ll be starting again on Thursday afternoon after a bit of work in the morning.  I found a needle that I think will work tucked away in my drawer. I’m pretty sure it’s a 2.5mm, but I can’t find my needle gauge to double check. I’ll just fly by the seat of my pants, rather than wasting time scouring the house for the silly thing – more knitting time!

Purple seems to be my colour lately – I’m completely drawn to it in any shade, bright or muted. I chose some stash threads to begin a stitch along piece by Northern Expressions Needleworks that is being hosted by my local shop – the “Twisted Band Sampler” in shades of (you guessed it) purple.


I love the butterflies.

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Sunday morning


I had a lovely day off yesterday with a couple of very good friends. We were supposed to travel to a local knitters festival but I was put off by a terrible weather forecast. Dr. Reed Timmer travelled up to our corner of the world in his fancy vehicle in order to hopefully chase a tornado. Our city didn’t see much action but I think to the south of us there were some terrible thunderstorms and rotation over the Great Lakes. So instead of driving, we stayed put and enjoyed a day of friendship and knitting/stitching. It was great!

I’m hoping to finish the 4th design of Frosty Forest later this week, they are such sweet easy finishes – like candy! I’m enjoying the linen that was chosen for this stitch – over 2 with two threads on 32 count. There is good coverage with the thread and the design colours show nicely on the grey fabric.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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Back Home

We are all back home in the city, safe and sound. I know that I said the same thing last year, but the city is so LOUD! The sirens, the roadwork that is everywhere with jackhammers and huge trucks… I find re-entry to be overwhelming. Add to that two children needing to get back into school routines, my own teaching schedule and the work that I do for my husbands’ business that is 5 weeks behind? It’s very easy to want to just pull the covers back over my head in the morning. I also shouldn’t be here, but I really want to start more frequent updates for myself and post some photos to remember what I was working on and doing at this particular time. So – no editing. Thoughts will be rambling and stream of consciousness until a few weeks have gone by and we are settled.

Something to share: I learned how to make a box bag this summer!


I’ll tell you about the yarn that’s going in it tomorrow 😉

And – how are you all doing??

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Finally finished


Phew! I started this in 2012. After I put the finishing stitches in last night on the saucer, I reflected on why this small little piece took me so long. If you look at that nickel up there, I think fellow stitchers will understand immediately. This was tiny. Really , really teeny tiny….. I’ve lost the fabric info long ago but if I had to guess I’d say 25 count, and I’ve stitched one thread over one. It was not fun. I don’t have trouble seeing it, I use a very good light and my eyes are 42 years old. I’m sure in a few years time I will need more magnification. My kids think I’m ancient, but I think I’m still fairly spry – at least in the eye department. My real problem was that I really struggled to make the stitches neat. At this size, I had to just stab and hope for the best. I like things to be neat and when I look closely, the stitches aren’t as tidy as I would like them. The pattern is gorgeous, and very clear. It’s an Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks design, aptly named “Coffee” and I used two of the three DMC colours as charted, 842 and 3862 – but I switched out the 779 for 938.


To save on data and avoid uploading another photo here – check out my IG photo from yesterday. My little boy learned how to kayak! He was so sure of himself and confident in the water, what a great experience. John swam out into the bay behind him to give him some guidance and then he was paddling and smiling over the deep water. What a difference in his confidence! My daughter has been here with me for the last two weeks instead of choosing to head back to town with her friends and we’ve been hanging out, painting our nails and watching Gilmore Girls. We are both very much looking forward to the Nov.25 reboot on Netflix and have planned to spend that evening together with pizza and glue ourselves to the TV. It’s been a fantastic summer. I’m eking out every last minute.


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Wednesday yarn along

It’s been awhile since I’ve joined in with Ginny’s yarn along, and now that I can upload photos again it’s a nice chance to reconnect with other knitters/crocheters/readers.

The Umaro blanket that I’m knitting for my mother is coming along – I need to knit about 25 more inches and then it’s done done DONE!


I’m reading the Magician King by Lev Grossman – a very adult sort of Harry Potter if I had to describe it and this is the second book in a trilogy. I’m enjoying it.

My Sampler Cove is coming along:


I’ve just put it away for now and my AAN coffee cup is back on the stretcher bars in hopes of a finish before Labour Day weekend.

Last week, I took the opportunity to take some photos of the loon who floats around the bay. He calls frequently and the answering call is a haunting echo – beautiful to hear and so evocative of our unique area of Canada.


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John thought that my problem was probably that my photos were too large and slow (which I also thought was the case, but I didn’t know how to change them) so he helped me to resize them and look out – here I go again! I’ve missed posting here, I’m a bit chatty (my son comes by it honestly) and it’s really nice for me to have a place to lay down some memories.

A quick update on a few project:

Sarah's sock

I’ve been working on a new pair of socks for Sarah, my first pair ended in disaster when the second sock was way smaller than the first – complete user error, I switched needles and will have to wait until I’m back in the city to borrow the other needles again. These are for my daughter, the only reason she gets them is because her feet are done growing…


This was my start on Sampler Cove’s “Dido” – I love it, and it’s a slightly smaller project that I think will be completed soonish (less than a year?)


My Alessandra Adelaide coffee cup is very close to a finish. Once my guests have left, I hope to get after this next week and finish it up.


I sometimes have a hard time getting guests to leave 😉 I can’t really blame them…..

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Insert photo here…

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to post here, only to be absolutely thwarted by slow internet and photos refusing to upload. We have already gone WAY over our data plan for the summer and it is frustrating to try and post and get nowhere.




That said, I have been able to post on Instagram every day, little snippets of our life and my projects throughout the summer and we are having a great time. I’m going to have to throw in the towel on this little space and return in September – prepare yourself for an onslaught of photos once I can use the wifi willy nilly.

One bit to share as an update – Nicholas can now swim underwater with goggles and a nose plug for short distances. What an amazing thing to watch your child conquer a true fear. A good thing, indeed.

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