It is hot here today. 33 degrees with the humidex makes for an unhappy knitter. I’ve made some progress with my shawl for the KAL but I think the remainder of the evening will be devoted to some coffee and stitching. I found reference to the AAN coffee cup that dates it start back to 2012, so surely I can get my act together and finish it up,


First canoe camping trip ever for this little boy. His big sister is helping to show him the ropes. My daughter is 14 and I feel that I need her permission before I post about her. Perhaps she will let me tell you how wonderful she is as well 🙂


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  1. Susan says:

    Yes, I can attest, 14 year olds need to give permission. Oh how I miss the days of wen they begged me to blog about them. 😉

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