yarn along and blueberry picking

For a few years, I have read a number of blogs who post their Wednesday Yarn Along and I thought since I have this fancy newish blog, I would join in the fun. Thanks to Ginny for the encouragement to share what we’re currently reading and knitting. I’m still working on A Little Romance shawl in order to be able to finish it for the Quince and Co shawl KAL, (I reeeeeeeally want to win the prize as their yarn is a favourite) and my book is The Book Thief. This is a book I seem to need to read in short bursts as I find that I need to digest the material slowly – pretty powerful stuff.


The blueberries continue to come along here on the island. The gulls are leaving them alone for now and the bear hasn’t ventured over to our side yet. Once they are less plentiful where he is foraging now, I expect we’ll see him around, or traces of him. Last year he came in the night and overturned some railroad ties and a cement planter, looking for bugs. We also have a variety of poisonous rattlesnake in our area – the Massassauga rattler. (Snakes AND bears! Want to visit??) The rule for the children is that boots are always worn outdoors and a stick is carried at all times to poke into any brush before sticking hands in to pick blueberries! Our Golden is very curious, so I’m always a little worried that her nose will get her into trouble one of these days………

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