Thank you

Thank you so much for your kind words about Oscar. The house is different without him and what I miss most is the sound of his loud purring practically every time you looked at him. One time at the vet, she looked at me and said, “I can’t find and listen to his heart because he’s purring too loudly.” He was a love.

Life carries on and there’s plenty of joy to be found in the small pockets of everyday life.

Plenty of knitting and stitching time, and the weather has been cool and unusually rainy which has made it even the sweeter. I’ve been posting quite regularly on Instagram the different projects that keep my attention and have put out several more Flosstube videos – the most recent one is HERE

Also, the Fibre Friends have a new KAL that’s begun as of August 1st, to knit any Lisa Mutch (NBK Knitting) pattern, and I’ve started the Noctillio Shawl as my project. I’m loving the colour so far. This was yarn that my SIL, Kathy, dyed for me for my birthday present and I love.

Happy Tuesday to all, have a lovely week ahead!

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  1. Linda says:

    We are blessed to have our knitting to bring us solace during these sad times that happen in our lives…. stay peaceful…

    Linda in VA

  2. Linda says:

    Loved your recent podcast! My Dad (who is in Ohio) – is always telling me corny jokes. I do say – I laugh…. especially when he keeps them “clean ones”… I used to work in the library, so loved the duck joke…

    My friend, who just passed away on Friday, was running an online cross stitch business for awhile. I helped her stitch many of the models for photographing for the chart pack. She would send me the pattern via email and I would stitch it and then mail it back. Years ago, before I knew her, I had written a Halloween poem. She turned it into a chart – and sold it in her online shop! I think it only sold 20 copies – but I was thrilled when the first one was sold and would have been content with that – so 20 was beyond thrilling – and I can say I’m a “published poet” – so to speak!

    Linda in VA

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