Pouch production

So – I was playing with some treasure pouch designs, these are the second prototype:

I think they’re cute, but the amount of work and effort that went into them make them an unfeasible product to make and sell. I wanted the stitching to be perfect, the picture perfectly suited to the child, and I drove myself crazy for a week trying to get everything to match what I saw in my head.  I’m giving them to the children they are intended for who will fill them with flotsam and jetsam as children do and I will be pleased.

I then spent a few days puzzling out a knitting drawstring tote.

Take 1: Nice, but needs a boxed corner bottom and the drawstring isn’t quite what I wanted.

Take 2: Much much much better. This is what I wanted and I think I have a winner.

I think the knitting agrees.

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3 Responses to Pouch production

  1. margo says:

    What a great idea, kids love tins, bags or boxes to keep special treasures. If you want to add them to the shop,you could personalise them with a name in backstitch on a small piece of fabric which could be framed the same then hand appliqued . Instead of a name you could frame an animal , fairy, flower or Starwars etc . that would cut down on time and still make the pouch personal for a child’s interest or hobby.
    I make the drawstring bags about 6″X8″ or a bit bigger, for toddlers who find they can’t leave the house without a small car in each hand or a snack and a doll or teddy.
    Good to see you having fun creating and producing lovely things.

  2. Lisa says:

    Glorious! But, yes, TOO much work to be viable for production!

    I once sent a birthday gift to my middle niece – not even sure I remember just WHAT the gifts were, but there were 3…and 2 of them were wrapped-up in one of the fabric/knitted items. She was utterly charmed by this – “It’s a gift – INSIDE a GIFT!?!”

    Drawstrings are great closures – velcro is dangerous to knitting, and zippers, snaps, and buttons all take extra work/time!

    Looking-forward to seeing the next round!

  3. karen says:

    I really like the owl one (hoot hoot). You are talented!

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