Fibre Friends

I am incredibly fortunate to have close friends who share a love of making as much as I do. It is also lucky we each bring our own favourite craft to the table. My friend Adrienne, is a dyer of the most beautiful yarn. This is her work above. She is taking the plunge into small business with her yarn and will be selling it soon and I’m just so pleased because it’s just lovely. Her new business name is Old Oak Yarns and she named it for a very special tree from her childhood. My other friend Louise, is a knitting teacher and designer. Last weekend, she taught Adrienne and I how to knit with two yarns at the same time and strand it properly. I fully intend to cast on some colour work mittens as soon as possible.

When we were together last week, Adrienne pulled three skeins of sock yarn from her bag, each with a matching mini skein for heels and toes and said that she had made us our own unique colourway, combining our three favourite colours. Turquoise for me! She named the yarn “Fibre Friends” and to say it mildly, LouiseĀ and I were blown away. Then we started dreaming. A trifecta of crafting – yarn dyeing, bag sewing and pattern designing. The Fibre Friends came to life and we have a video podcast planned to come out at the beginning of April. These girls and the other friends I’ve made through my passion for making make me feel a sense of belonging that has been difficult to come by. I know that you all know what I mean. They make me laugh and calm my anxieties. Very good friends, indeed they are.

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  1. she like a wonderful friend!
    look forward to seeing the finished socks
    thanx for sharing

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