summer weather?

It’s unseasonably cool here this summer. I am the only family member that is not complaining. It’s perfect knitting/stitching and coffee weather and I could not be happier.

The nature seems to also be loving the cooler temps and the island is blooming with growth everywhere you look. Keep in mind this is Canadian Shield territory so everything grows on the rock, or in any crevice where it can find a tablespoon of dirt. We have wild blueberries, strawberries and raspberries this year. The blueberries in particular are plentiful and we will have to be quick to collect as many as we can before our resident black bear eats his fill. This years’ bear seems to be a 2 yr old shy guy afraid of both us and our dogs which is how you want the bears to be. He keeps to himself, but has been spotted numerous times.

Knitting continues on Umaro:

I’ve also brought an older WIP out of retirement, Quince and Co’s A Little Romance is seeing some love and I’ve joined their summer KAL in order to provide myself with some motivation to finish it off.

On the stitching front, another older WIP has been dug out and a few stitches put in. Alessandra Adelaide‘s Coffee is on the Q-snap and the teeny weeny stitches are lovely but it can be tiring on the eyes. It’s on a 28 count Lugana over one thread. I hope to finish it in the next month if the weather continues to cooperate 😉

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