Find the craft (just like find Waldo)

This is mostly a post for myself, today. I just wanted to document a few really wonderful things that happened.

I have a new visitor to my front yard every few days. He/she appreciates me providing a lunch opportunity by way of the small sparrows who eat at my feeder. What an amazing creature, this Cooper’s hawk.

That photo was taken last week, right before this happened:

But that certainly made it a happy occasion when we went to cut down our Christmas tree for the holidays and snapped a silly picture!

I especially like this picture where it shows my daughters’ lovely, very expensive, orthodontist straightened teeth. She better keep wearing that retainer at night….

And see? I snuck in some knitwear there! That’s my Noro striped scarf that I knit last year – I wear it all the time. Much easier than trying to find that tiny little Waldo fellow.

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4 Responses to Find the craft (just like find Waldo)

  1. Laura says:

    We had a Coopers in our yard last winter. The birds just stopped coming, and then we spotted him. Don’t they look a lot like owls? We removed the feeder for about a week then he moved on, and we didn’t see him the rest of the winter. I’m so glad I never saw him near my adorable chickadees! That would have traumatized me for sure.

  2. margo says:

    Oh so much snow, love the scarf, it looks very soft and warm. I bought some noro about a year ago and haven’t decided what to do with it yet.
    I don’t have feeders here but I have a big ceramic rain barrel at the front and 3 birdbaths in the back garden, they all get well used and are good for hours of entertainment, on the really hot days the nearby tree is like Heathrow, they fly in and assume holding patterns on various branches while they wait their turn to drink and splash.

  3. gorgeous Coopers Hawk photo.

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