The best month of the year!

My most favourite month of all is December. How about you? The smells, the lights, the decorations – all of it makes me feel great joy. Many years ago my husband who knows my joy, coined the term “Carriemas”, not because the holidays are all about me – just that my enthusiam can be hard to contain 😉

Christmas knitting continues:


Scalene is being knit for my very deserving SIL, who doesn’t read my blog so I;m not worried about spoilers. It is literally miles of garter stitch so has been a nice relaxing knit after the initial trouble with a garter tab cast on. I think you all know me well enough by now though to know that I am completely unable to be faithful to a project so there was also a fair bit of stitching….:


on Little House Needleworks, “12 Days of Christmas” and also I may have been browsing the internet for ideas to make my niece some play-food…..


I did not make these and the image came up without credit – if you know who’s work it is, could you point me in the right direction. Isn’t it incredible?

Teaching is busy this month preparing for our holiday concert at a local retirement residence. The students are excited and my very own son will be participating for the first time ever. My FIL returns home soon from overseas, and Christmas family plans are underway.

Oh December, I do love you.

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2 Responses to The best month of the year!

  1. margo says:

    Good to see you are enjoying the lead up to Christmas. On my wishlist is a white Christmas in London as my father’s family are British. My son took his family to the U S for a big 5 month trip last year, it was meant to take in New York for Christmas and new years, but they were sitting around in t shirts and shorts on Christmas day, so that has gone back on their list of experiences.
    I am just about cooked here, we have had 36- 38 every day for nearly a week.

  2. Davidsmom says:

    Hmmm, I thought I had posted a few days ago, but apparently didn’t remember to press . Just wanted to say how beautiful that Scalene pattern is, and your progress on it is amazing!! 🙂

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