Working on the old WIPs

Well hello!

This Ink Circles design didn’t get a single stitch put into it last year. In fact, when I unrolled it last Friday I was shocked at how much stitching was actually already complete! I’m about to start an A&E sampler stitch along with a few fellow crazy stitchers on Instagram and I figured that I really should try to finish up an older huge WIP before starting another. If I knuckle down, I might just do it. This is Cirques des Cirques by Ink Circles and this is the bottom left corner – or page 4 of the design. Pages 1-3 are complete and just that one motive where you can see the circle outline is what remains of page 4. I am using the most beautiful variegated silk thread from a woman who no longer dyes thread, and I bought it so long ago the price per skein was $2.75CDN. Let me tell you, silk thread is no longer anywhere near that price. So really, I was thinking ahead by thus padding my stash those many years ago. I’m saving money now!


Oh my heart, this dog. He was very ill last weekend, and I was quite concerned, as we really have no idea at all how old he really is. He seems to be OK now, and it’s anyones guess what caused the 24 hour “extravaganza” but oh, I’m glad it’s (fingers crossed) over. He is even more attached to me now than just a few months ago and the photo below is a pretty accurate image of where I see him when I look down, just change the room.


I hope you all are having a happy Tuesday and make time for a few stitches today.

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2 Responses to Working on the old WIPs

  1. Gracie says:

    I love admiring your beautiful stitching and hope your furry friend continues to mend! xx

  2. karen says:

    there is nothing worse than a pet who is ill. If only they could TALK. That would make life so much more easier….

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