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We are all back home in the city, safe and sound. I know that I said the same thing last year, but the city is so LOUD! The sirens, the roadwork that is everywhere with jackhammers and huge trucks… I find re-entry to be overwhelming. Add to that two children needing to get back into school routines, my own teaching schedule and the work that I do for my husbands’ business that is 5 weeks behind? It’s very easy to want to just pull the covers back over my head in the morning. I also shouldn’t be here, but I really want to start more frequent updates for myself and post some photos to remember what I was working on and doing at this particular time. So – no editing. Thoughts will be rambling and stream of consciousness until a few weeks have gone by and we are settled.

Something to share: I learned how to make a box bag this summer!


I’ll tell you about the yarn that’s going in it tomorrow 😉

And – how are you all doing??

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  1. margo says:

    Oh dear, the constant noise assault is really awful until you get used to it, we moved from 6 years on a farm of 80 acres to a town block with waist high fences. The background din and lack of privacy was just terrible , it took months for me to settle.
    I love your new bag they are so useful and pretty much drama free to make, I made one for my little travel hairdryer as my son lives only 2 hours drive away and there is no dryer in the guest cottage.
    I sometimes use mine for travel knitting as the circulars don’t break, you can’t lose one and aren’t as bulky as my normal bamboo straights, the sock or washer knitting fits well , you have inspired me to make a few more and as it is foggy and rainy here today, some sewing sounds good…..who knows, a few may get made for Christmas gifts if I get on a roll

  2. Fawn says:

    Welcome home! That must be a huge change to go from quiet to noise. Glad that you had a nice stay off the grid and am looking forward to reading your updates.

    That bag is super cute! I dream of making such cute things but am intimidated by zippers and, well, sewing a straight line. :-\

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