Finally finished


Phew! I started this in 2012. After I put the finishing stitches in last night on the saucer, I reflected on why this small little piece took me so long. If you look at that nickel up there, I think fellow stitchers will understand immediately. This was tiny. Really , really teeny tiny….. I’ve lost the fabric info long ago but if I had to guess I’d say 25 count, and I’ve stitched one thread over one. It was not fun. I don’t have trouble seeing it, I use a very good light and my eyes are 42 years old. I’m sure in a few years time I will need more magnification. My kids think I’m ancient, but I think I’m still fairly spry – at least in the eye department. My real problem was that I really struggled to make the stitches neat. At this size, I had to just stab and hope for the best. I like things to be neat and when I look closely, the stitches aren’t as tidy as I would like them. The pattern is gorgeous, and very clear. It’s an Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks design, aptly named “Coffee” and I used two of the three DMC colours as charted, 842 and 3862 – but I switched out the 779 for 938.


To save on data and avoid uploading another photo here – check out my IG photo from yesterday. My little boy learned how to kayak! He was so sure of himself and confident in the water, what a great experience. John swam out into the bay behind him to give him some guidance and then he was paddling and smiling over the deep water. What a difference in his confidence! My daughter has been here with me for the last two weeks instead of choosing to head back to town with her friends and we’ve been hanging out, painting our nails and watching Gilmore Girls. We are both very much looking forward to the Nov.25 reboot on Netflix and have planned to spend that evening together with pizza and glue ourselves to the TV. It’s been a fantastic summer. I’m eking out every last minute.


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  1. margo says:

    Oh my, your tiny coffee cup is utterly beautiful, if you love your coffee it would look stunning when framed up with suitable adoration and displayed in your kitchen or breakfast nook, wherever you enjoy your first coffee of the day. It is a little work of art and should be appreciated daily.
    How fantastic that the Summer water activities are now enjoyed and not avoided ,every little thing that adds to a child’s self confidence is so important. I was afraid of the dark, so I understand the terror of some things.
    I am in far North Queensland visiting daughter and family so I am enjoying ‘Summer’ for a few more days.
    So nice to hear you are having good times with your daughter, have you ever chosen fabric together and made a joint project of a quilt for her ? my daughter made her first quilt at 12 and we have enjoyed quilting since then.

    • caroline says:

      Margo, I so love your comments to me. They are always so kind and encouraging. Would you have any interest in exchanging real letters by post? I’ve wanted to start writing more proper letters and I think if you’re game, we might just make excellent pen pals. If you’d like to – send me your address to my email Sarah does craft with me, though not as much as I’d like but she is very busy. She is in the process of making a quilt and we will be binding it next weekend when my sister in law is here – a true family project!

  2. Michelle says:

    It’s lovely! I never did much stitching over one thread because I found it so intimidating. Aida is more my speed.

  3. Michelle says:

    It’s lovely! I never did much stitching over one thread because I found it so intimidating. Aida is more my speed.

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