August, really?


I’m afraid this is it for photos today, as my internet is acting up and it was the only one that would load. It’s a good one though… It’s my unfinished September pillow in action as a coffee urn cozy. We hosted our first annual pancake breakfast for the neighbours and I borrowed my SIL’s urn from her high school. We ran the generator to brew it and then plugged it into the solar to keep it warm. I thought putting the knitting on it as a cosy was the funniest thing ever but I’m not sure the neighbours appreciated my genius or my humour. My SIL is here for 10 days and the craft productivity has gone way up. She is an expert sewer, and general all round awesome person and if I could post more pictures today, you would see all of the other wonderful things I’m working on. I’ll try again tomorrow. My second sock is almost done, and I’ve made good progress on two Sampler Cove stitching projects. Today’s job is to begin a stitch along piece from Northern Expressions – the Twisted Band Sampler. It’s really very beautiful – trust me.

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4 Responses to August, really?

  1. Laura says:

    If I saw your knitting on the coffee urn, I’d make a bee-line to sit next to you! haha : )

  2. Davidsmom says:

    Am looking forward to seeing your progress. You’re miles ahead of me on the second sock. And I love your coffee cosy!!! 🙂

  3. Gracie says:

    Clever, use for your lovely September pillow 🙂 I’m glad you are making good progress on your projects and having good visits. While camping by the seaside last week I knit a little washcloth patterned square on size 3 needles with size three crochet thread and have gathered it to stuff it with some Lavender to make a sachet. I also knit a dishcloth on size 8 needles with cotton yarn. I bought a tutorial on how to knit socks on size 9 circular needles and hoped to make some progress on them while camping, but using the internet was challenging for me there so I have yet to give the technique a try. Wishing you more safe and happy days!

  4. Louise says:

    I love your coffee cozy! Enjoy your last few weeks off the grid!

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