Blueberry season

I’ve been steadily picking away at my second sock and have completed the heel flap and pick up of the gusset stitches. I just need to finish the decreases and then clear sailing down to the toe. This stage makes me feel like I’ve knit a small kayak. The border on the tapestry continues to progress, John thinks it already looks done and wonders why I’m bothering but we all know that it must be finished correctly, right? I’m dithering about how to take of the extra fabric – either to simply trim it off (the Penelope fabric is very stiff and I think is probably what I’ll do) or sew it underneath but I think this might create too much of an uneven surface which I don’t want. I’m still reading The Dinner (phew!! what a story!) I’ll be joining my post up with Ginny today for the yarn along – always lots to see over there.


The annual picking of the blueberries has commenced in earnest. We were concerned when we arrived in late June to already find berries that had ripened way too early. They were tiny and bitter and we figured with the lack of rain and hot temps, the rest wouldn’t develop into much. I am very glad to report that I was wrong and the juniper bushes around here are hiding massive pockets of berries that are sweet and juicy. I also discovered another raspberry patch yesterday out back near our propane tanks. The canes have multiplied like crazy in the last 5 years and are producing the most I’ve ever seen here. The bear was seen yesterday morning by my father in law. He awoke early to hear a snuffling sound behind his bedroom window and looked out to see a teenage bear hugging a tree stump trying to get the bugs out for his breakfast. A clap of the hands and a loud voice sent him on his way, but I will say that I am very grateful to have the dogs here with me especially when I’m on my own.

IMG_1869 (1)


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3 Responses to Blueberry season

  1. Gracie says:

    Beautiful stitches and beautiful berries! We have yet to see a bear in our neighborhood [just coyotes, raccoons, deer, beaver, and muskrats] but a nearby campground has beware of bear signs, and I hope I do not meet one close up. xx

  2. margo says:

    Well done on the sock, that is a truly delicious colour combination, I am at the same stage in a pair I am making for a friend’s daughter who lives way down South in a colder part of the country. This is a speedy part of the process to be enjoyed.
    You will love wearing those comfy cosy woolly socks, they feel so good.
    It is helpful to knit another pair straight away to fix the process in your mind.

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