I hate goodbyes. I’ve never been good at them, I worry that I’ll get too emotional or say the wrong thing. A close friend is moving away and I’m pretty bummed. She’s been an ally in a neighbourhood where I didn’t always feel like I fit in. Her kids are neat, her husband’s a nice guy and she always knows the perfect paint colour to choose because her taste is impeccable.

Also? She knits and has a crafty stash that almost rivals my own – I’ve been tempted to steal some of her gorgeous fabric when she wasn’t looking. I feel pretty lucky to have gotten to know her while she lived here, and I hope that we’ll keep in touch. Like true introverts, our favourite visits usually happen through texting so I think our chances are good.

Good luck in Houston, Michelle. When I’m finished my Topiary, it’ll remind me of you. If you haven’t finished yours yet, you can mail it to me and I’ll finish it for you 😉

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  1. Michelle says:

    Hey!!!!!!!! Just saw this. Ditto and back atcha.

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