Summer off the grid

Finally! Last week, we took Nicholas out of school a bit early and arrived on the Wednesday. Our first guests came on Thursday and a truly lovely weekend with happy, noisy children and reconnecting with great friends felt like a perfect way to start our summer. Everyone left yesterday, John and Sarah boated out at 4am so that he could be back to the office for 9:30 and now Nicholas and I are enjoying the quiet, though he really misses his friends who were here.


Crafting began in earnest yesterday, a whole lot of productivity needs to be packed into the next two months…. My second sock grew, a shawl or two saw a few rows added and a small cross stitch pattern is nearly complete. I will most likely post a photo on Instagram later today. I have to be very careful with my data usage this summer, so posts will probably not be photo heavy and I have given up Facebook in favour of Instagram as they both require a fair bit of data to load. We use our phones to create a hotspot for WiFi and prudence is necessary. Speaking of IG – I posted a short video clip of this mornings sunrise that includes a bird song that is my constant companion. I am looking for someone to help me identify the bird please – they are a pair, the first 3 note call is then answered by the same call (it is slightly cut off in video) but the response is a pitch lower. I listen to them call to each other back and forth all day. 98% of the time I find it charming, the other 2% wishes they’d try something different…

It’s laundry day here today which involves solar panels, the generator and a squeaky clean laundry line. It’s a perfect sunny, hot day so I should be done in record off the grid time.

More tomorrow!

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3 Responses to Summer off the grid

  1. Davidsmom says:

    So glad you had a wonderful long weekend with your friends, and that you’ve been able to do a good bit of crafting. My knitting and cross stitch has been almost nil, but I hope to start making up for that in about a week… 🙂
    (Thanks for mentioning laundry – reminds me I should get going with mine too!)

  2. Gracie says:

    Welcome to your home away from home, Caroline! I hope you are able to stitch to your heart’s content and have a wonderful off the grid time. I’m going to investigate your Instagram offerings. xx

  3. Fawn says:

    Looking to reading your off the grid posts. It looks heavenly there!

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