The busiest time of every year for me is coming to a sweet close. My students are finishing up their Conservatory exams and my children are wrapping up at school and also with their extra curricular activities.

I’ve been preparing for my move to the cottage over the last week – all of the linens for the beds went up yesterday with John who has been working like a madman on long weekends to drywall and paint the ceiling, board the walls and trim out the windows. Living in it over the last 5 years, I’m not sure I’ll know what to do when I arrive at the end of the month to a mostly finished interior! He’s a handy, handsome guy, that husband of mine. To say that I’m looking forward to my time off the grid is an understatement. I need to learn how to drive the boat this summer. It’s a long story, but yes – I live on an island for two months and I don’t know how to drive a boat. After 20+ years, the time has come.

Stitching and knitting continue – it will be nice when I have more time to update my progress on here more regularly. It’s handy¬†for me to have a record of what is going on and helps to keep me motivated to finish up those languishing projects! My first sock is almost complete – a last class tonight to learn how to finish up the toe. I may or may not still have two inches to knit before that can happen. Ahem.

I’ve brought a project out from the depths of the stash to try and make a dent in the stitching – a Glendon Place dessert series design, “Tiramisu”. I love her designs ¬†– I can’t wait to add the beads! It’s covered in beads once the stitching is complete.


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  1. margo says:

    Good work , well done with the sock, the first pair are a bit daunting but you are near the finish line with the first one. Wait till you have them on your feet, soooo soft and cosy and toasty warm.
    It must be exciting to see the reno coming along at last, will the painting be done when you arrive or will you help out with that ? Will you put up some before and after pics so we can see how all the hard work has progressed.
    If you are like me you will,probably need one load just for craft supplies, and my daughter is the same, when she was about 14 we were packed and ready to go to the beach house, she came to the car with a box of fabric and her Bernina sewing machine and said ‘ if the machine didn’t fit , she wasn’t going ‘…….unpack the trunk…..rearrange everything, inside the car too……sigh of relief ! !

  2. Fawn says:

    We are counting down to the end of school too!
    Your cottage sounds heavenly and I can see why you’d be excited to get back to it! Can’t wait to hear about your boat driving adventures. Safe travels!

  3. Gracie says:

    I am so excited for you, and looking forward to progress reports from you throughout your two months north. I wish you could have seen where a friend took me yesterday…I will try to post some photos. We drove across the Colombia River near the Bonneville Dam and got to swim in warm mineral water for an hour. Honestly, it was my favorite hour of swimming in my whole 65 years! Lots of pine trees and flowers around and there was some sort of modern floaty type music being played that was perfect for the moment. The young folk who worked there did not know what music it was…sigh…xx

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