oldest WIP in the pile……..

I’m a huge WIlliam Morris fan. About ten years ago I purchased a Beth Russell tapestry book¬†which is full of WM designs and I chose two pieces, a bell pull and the cover design with the woodpecker. The bell pull requires a post of its own…… it’s quite a story. The cover design is well underway but it’s huge and the stiff fabric and large needle are hard on my hands making this a project that frequently gets banished to the corner.

After finishing the Iris, I’ve got the finishing itch, so thought I’d spend a bit more time on this as I’d love to have it done by the years’ end. We’ll see.

Here’s a close up of the woodpecker:

I’m concentrating on the second bird and also hope to add a few more oranges before it will be time to pack up to leave for the summer. This is not a very portable project.



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