almost Spring

This week, the weather is warming up and I’m hoping to get the yard cleaned up. You know, the kinder eggs that the dogs have hidden over the winter. That chore is always a harbinger of warmer days ahead and that blossoms are just around the corner.

I had a lovely family weekend that included just enough activity and quiet down time to bring some feelings of balance to my week ahead. I worked on the Blackbird Design “Loose Feathers” part 2 and – phew – that house took some work… there were a lot of thread changes but I like the result and it feels good to make some progress on an older WIP. The children will be breaking for March break at the end of the week and we have some exciting plans for our time together – more soon!


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2 Responses to almost Spring

  1. fawn says:

    I LOOOOOOVE that pattern!!! It looks great!

    Glad that you had a fun balanced weekend. I find that makes a difference when starting a new week. Can’t wait to hear what you have planned for break. Ours is quickly approaching too.

  2. Gracie says:

    Beautiful progress, Caroline! Am eager to hear your plans, too. I plan to head to the Oregon Coast with three friends for a long weekend and am so looking forward to it 🙂 xx

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