Time is marching along

Isn’t it though? I know we all say it, and I know I’m repeating myself – but holy banana, it’s March already?

I’ve been knitting and stitching away – the Blackbird Design “Loose Feathers” doesn’t have enough progress to show just yet, maybe by Friday. Umaro is coming along nicely and I’m finally at the half way point. It’s so very lovely, I will indeed be making a second for us to keep, and I know my mum will love it.


I’m still reading the last few chapters of Poisonwood Bible, must finish it up this week to be ready for the discussion with Amanda. I’m listening to North and South over on Craftlit and very much enjoying it.

So, I posted the next photo on Instagram, but since I discovered the problem is still happening (I should hang a sign around my own neck for not removing temptation)…… Daria gets another round of #dogshaming.


I’m putting the rest of it away right after I hit publish.

Joining in with the crowd over at Ginny’s for Wednesday yarn along.

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6 Responses to Time is marching along

  1. Ivona says:

    Is that a blanket that you are making? It looks beautiful I’m sure your Mom will love it.

  2. Donna says:

    The blanket is so very pretty. And Daria- how can you get mad at that face? She just thought she was helping with the puzzle!

  3. Davidsmom says:

    Wow, Umaro is looking more and more beautiful with every picture!!

  4. Adrienne says:

    That’s some serious progress on Umaro. It looks simply fantastic! Now I understand why you fell in love with the design.

  5. Gracie says:

    Your blanket is coming along beautifully!!! I admire your skill! I love the last photo. Our Border Collie, Lady, chewed up a little wooden lamb from the Nativity set, the H from Scrabble, and…more. xx

  6. Michelle says:

    Umaro is looking amazeballs. Well done!!

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