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The first day of the New Year is one of my most favourite days. There are so many possibilities, things to look forward to in the months to come. A blog and podcast that I enjoy, A Playful Day, has come up with just about the greatest idea for this year that I think is something those who feel a need to create can join in and find a like minded community. The Maker’s Year, to borrow from her page;

is a creativity and sustainable living challenge with a seasonal focus. It is open to every person who wishes to join me on this journey by documenting their daily making in 2016. You can participate via your blogs, Instagram, Twitter, Steller and Pinterest by sharing your projects and what making means to you.”

I’ll be joining in for sure, and I’ve already been amazed by the lovely care and pride that people take in their making.

Our holiday has been just about perfect with plenty of family time and creating. Poor Sarah had to have a tooth extracted at the beginning of this week, but has been a trooper about the whole thing and will hopefully be back to normal soon.

So to recap my Making in quick photo style and catch you up to date, there was stitching – Hands on Design, November chalk design, using charted for WDW Gingersnap and called for fabric, but a bit of stash DMC for the white:


There was LOTS of knitting. I wrapped my dad’s No Purl scarf with the needles on to check the length physically on him and bound it off on Boxing Day.


I cast on a new start with some delicious gifty yarn from a very good friend. This is the Less is More Shawl and so far I’m loving the yarn and the pattern – a very satisfying start.


How did you spend the holidays? I hope you enjoyed every minute that you had and are still enjoying any time left. We still have a day or two and there may or may not be a lot more of this:…………………


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  1. Gracie says:

    Caroline! This post and the links in it are very exciting to me! Encouraging creativity is a part of what motivated me to start blogging a few years ago and keeps me at it…finding like minded folk who enjoy creative process and sharing it with others. I hope Sarah heals rapidly, and thank you for posting…ahhh to knit as beautifully as you do 🙂 xx

    • caroline says:

      I’m so glad Gracie! Yes to encouraging creativity – isn’t it a great thing! You are too sweet about my knitting, and I’ve seen what you can do, you’re no slouch 😉

  2. John says:

    Your Dad loved that scarf! I look forward to another one for me!

  3. Lisa says:

    I showed my Mom the scarf pattern that you’ve knit for your FIL, and she’s embarked-upon one for a February birthday gift!

    Happy New Year to you, John and your families!


    • caroline says:

      That’s super, Lisa! I know she’ll so enjoy making it, it’s so easy and comes together quickly. My dad loved it! Happy New Year to you and Paul! See you Tuesday 🙂

  4. Marion says:

    All looks lovely. Clever you. I am sitting here finishing off my cross stitch. I go back to work tomorrow and will be much more time poor.

  5. Adrienne says:

    So glad your dad loved the scarf … it looks fantastic! I also can’t wait to see your progress on the new shawl. So pretty!

    Daria looks like she’s got the best spot in the house!

  6. fawn says:

    Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to following along with your Maker’s Year!

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