Ta dah!

Last one!

Once all of the middles are stitched, you can remove all of the pins, including the South Pole.


Now you will take the second colour that you’ve chosen, and add 5 rounds to each section. I like to work to the section to the left if I have enough thread to continue. I simply take the stitch as if to end it but bring the needle tip out at the beginning  of the motif to the left.


Stitch all of the contrasting colour rounds and then if desired, add a round of metallic to finish off the design. Use a strand of metallic to make a loop hanger and hang that lovely little handmade treasure on your tree.


Thank you for your patience with me while I put these posts out. Hopefully some of you enjoyed them! Back to knitting and stitching for a while for me – I have a Christmas present that still needs finishing and an ornament to stitch for a friend who decided to give away 17 ornaments to her family and has gotten behind with only a week left to go. We’ve all been there,  am I right?????

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3 Responses to Ta dah!

  1. KATHY B says:

    Oh yes. You will get there. THe ornament is gorgeous

  2. LisaRae says:

    Right, indeed.

    My youngest niece just asked whether it was ‘too late’ to request mittens for Christmas? Red ones, to match her “ladybug” hat… (She’s 15…). I suggested black thrums (ladybug “spots”), and that was a “Yes!” (I also explained that yes, mittens were a definite possibility, but that fingering-weight socks were absolutely NOT!)

    See you Friday!

  3. woolythyme says:

    thanks for the tutorial!!! I must confess I haven’t been doing it as you post, but hope to revisit this after Christmas!! (too many socks, too little time!)

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