the penultimate temari post – I promise

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So, there’s one more small step to prepare the ball for embroidery – the obi and tacking down the marking threads. This particular pattern does not use a decorative obi, nor do you need it for the design stitching so all we need to do now is tack down the marking threads around the obi pins so that they are secure. Thread your needle with the same sewing thread that you used to wrap the ball. Bring the needle tip out directly underneath an obi pin and bury the knotted end into the yarn wrap layer – it’s easiest to work sideways here, like this:


Take two tiny stitches at the pin location, as in a cross stitch or “x” that secures the metallic thread to the ball. Now, travel to the next obi pin and repeat the process until all of the marking threads are tacked down. As you are using exactly the same thread as the wrap colour it is not necessary to hide the thread as you work around the ball.

I have some time set aside to complete this tutorial tomorrow morning. I’d like to get the post up so that it’s done and those that are completing one can enjoy it on the tree for a few days! If you couldn’t care less, I’ll see you on Wednesday for the yarn along.

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  1. Gracie says:

    Thanks for posting and showing us how to make a beautiful ball!!! 🙂

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