’tis the season

It’s that time of year where sniffly noses and over-scheduled calendars collide. Nicholas has been down for the count for the last two days with a nasty bug. We’ve been lying low during the day and John takes over when he gets home from work. My FIL is with us this week as well and has been instrumental in helping keep the flow of the schedule moving along.

This morning finds the small boy and I in bed, enjoying some knitting and Geronimo Stilton. These books drive me bananas, though they are great for the kids learning about things that don’t come up in everyday conversations. Each chapter usually involves a million questions – the latest here, I needed to explain blacksmiths, courthouses and saloons. “After finishing a Geronimo Stilton book, mummy needs a saloon.” Still plugging away on my Dad’s scarf – crunch time as it’s only 2/3 finished…


I’ve also managed to put in a few stitches into my William Morris tapestry – hello birdie #2!


Last night saw Sarah and I at her school for the Junior Festive Concert evening. It was great! Those teachers worked so hard to put on an enjoyable program and the kids enjoyed themselves. This was the first set of the night. There were three major stage changes with 6 different groups playing and a choir that sang beautifully. I do love this time of year. It’s hard to see her here, but she’s the kid directly in the middle of the front row. As the only oboe player she gets the primo spot 🙂


Joining with Ginny and the yarn along!

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8 Responses to ’tis the season

  1. Alina says:

    Oh your cat is so adorable 🙂 Your tapestry looks so beautiful!

  2. Ann says:

    Wishing you luck on your scarf. I have one to finish too that’s only 2/3’s done as well. I’m been taking a break from it, but it’s really time to start back in on it. Sigh. Hope your household is healthy soon.

  3. Jeanette says:

    mummy needs a saloon! hahaha! thats the best line ever! love the scarf color. No Purl scarf? looks familiar 🙂

  4. CathieJ says:

    The scarf looks so nice and warm. I really like that tapestry.

  5. KATHY B says:

    May you all be very well soon!

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