There will not be a temari post today. It will probably go up on Thursday around lunchtime. I apologize, but it was a hectic weekend and today my day job is requiring my full attention. I work for John’s retail store doing bookwork, and my boss has informed me that it needs to get done if we want to pay bills and eat food. Well, maybe I put those words into his mouth……

Sarah’s first concert as principal oboe was a success yesterday and she played all of her solos beautifully. Her teacher came and was just as proud as I was. The temari class that I taught on Saturday went very well, the students were keen and seemed to enjoy themselves. I have a photo but forgot to ask permission to post it. :sad trombone:

I put a few stitches into Hands on Design’s November “A Year in Chalk Series.” It seemed a fitting tribute to those celebrating this weekend. It’s a super quick stitch and a well charted pattern. I don’t love working on the dark fabric, but I’ll get over it.


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  1. fawn says:

    Congrats to Sarah!! And congrats on a successful Temari class! You are a woman of many talents!

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