New yarn smell

Is there anything better than a new project waiting to be picked up and started? The planning, the shopping, the colour selection, the weight of the yarn or choice of silk vs. cotton thread. The pleasure in the choosing and dreaming is so comforting, like meeting up with an old friend that you haven’t seen in awhile, but you just know it’s going to be good, really good.

I’ve been planning a very special project for a special birthday for my mum. She’s 65 this year and it’s time I make her something big. Something that will take some time and thought, careful execution of stitches, and a pattern that she will enjoy looking at for years to come. If I put all of that work into it, and she didn’t really love it? Well, that would be not good for everyone involved. So, I involved her in the process, and we had fun choosing the pattern. I did choose the yarn, but I ran it by her and it received a thumbs up.


It’s another Brooklyn Tweed pattern, Umaro – seriously – does that man come out with a pattern that I don’t love? If the stars align, I’ll cast on later today. After I finish this:


It’s mocking me. Soooooooo close, but those little holes are so small it always takes longer than you think.. I also need to finish this:


Another important gift that was actually given last year incomplete. It needs finishing ASAP, and I’m this close. It’s a simple feather and fan recipe done on teeny tiny needles with teeny tiny yarn, but I hope will please Adrienne and make her think of me when she wears it.


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  1. DavidsMom says:

    Wow, have just spent a couple of hours checking out your wonderful blog. Am so impressed (and overwhelmed) with all of of your needle arts – the knitting, cross-stitch, needlepoint, and even weaving now! And the photography is great too! What a beautiful place to live – no wonder you spend as much time as possible there. Looking forward to your updates… 🙂

    P.S. – I think I saw your framed Landmark stained glass piece (looks beautiful!) at the shop today. Makes me want to get back to finishing mine!

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