an essay in captioned photos


“It wasn’t me.”


“Honestly!! The bag just fell off the chair……”


“Some lovely stuff fell out of the bag and I helped!! Really, I was trying to put it back!”


“This cheap stuff squeaked and made my teeth hurt so I just left it where it was – already out in the open, not tucked away into a bag.”


“I saw nothing. Can I have a cookie?”

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10 Responses to an essay in captioned photos

  1. Adrienne says:

    Love it!!!

  2. Marion says:

    They both have such gorgeous, expressive eyes.

  3. woolythyme says:

    sounds as if you might have an enabler in the mix!!!

  4. karen says:

    looks completely innocent to me and in desperate need of a few cookie treats!!

  5. fawn says:

    LOL! So cute! Of course they wouldn’t go for the cheap yarns!

  6. margo says:

    Obviously taking guard dog duty seriously, checking that there are no suspicious items in the unattended bag left in a public place !
    I love the throw in the third photo, could you tell me what the pattern is please, it is so hard to find a real chevron design, most are just wavy.

    • caroline says:

      Hi Margo,
      You have a very good eye! I really wish I could tell you what the pattern is, but the throw was knit by my Great Grandmother at some point in the late ’60’s or early ’70’s and I stole it from my mother because I loved that I could have something hand knit from a special lady that I only got to meet once. Lucy at Attic24 has a lovely ripple pattern that she uses, – I think it doesn’t maybe have quite as deep of a V, and maybe you’ve already seen it and it’s not quite right? Why don’t I post about the blanket on Monday and we’ll see if we can’t get someone who’s reading that maybe recognizes it? It is a very interesting pattern, I agree!

      • margo says:

        Thank you, I wonder how successful you will be, fingers crossed someone knows what it is. How wonderful for you to have a beautiful family heirloom.

  7. Audrey says:

    Eddie looks really guilty and Daria just looks somewhat disgusted. So cute.

  8. selina says:

    ha ha ha had a good giggle at those two, such adorable faces!
    beautiful blanket!
    thanx for sharing

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