love eyes and a clarinet playing knitter


To begin – if you are at all interested in a small Lizzy Kate cross stitch pattern that I’ll be giving away – go HERE and leave me a comment – Nicholas will choose a name out of a hat tomorrow night, and please don’t forget to leave me your email address.


Honestly, how am I supposed to get any work done? Two of my very best friends right here – they follow me from room to room during the day and make sure I stay on track and slip them the odd treat from my pocket now and then. I managed to get Eddie in the picture for my friend Shani who lost her beagle this past summer to cancer. Eddie is afraid of cameras and I had to be a bit sneaky with the phone but managed to capture the sweet little face. Daria is a true lovey mooch and just wants to be glued to your side every minute of every day.

We adopted Eddie just over a year ago from a rescue organization called PAWS United. His past, what we know of it was pretty horrendous and was used purely for breeding. He spent his entire life up until his rescue on an extremely short chain, outdoors, year round. Canadian winters can be brutal and that he survived without frostbite damage is miraculous. Our vet guesses his age at around 9 now. It has taken the whole year, but this little dog who spent the first three months with his tail tucked between his legs, cowering anytime you had something in your hands anywhere near him has blossomed. He is now completely house trained, loves to sleep on the couch during the day and comes to all of the family members now for affection. Last night, for the first time ever – he came into the kitchen where I was coaching my flute choir (7 ladies, a ton of noise and fun) he sniffed and wagged and lay down on the dog bed in the kitchen with us for the remainder of the hour. Please consider a rescue pet if you are so inclined, or leaning that way – there are so many animals in desperate need of a loving home – especially the senior dogs who are so often overlooked in favour of the cute little puppies.

At Tuesday rehearsal I had to snap a quick picture of my friend and clarinet player extraordinaire who knits at every rehearsal because I had mentioned her before and I thought I should show you some proof that it was possible! She’s the coolest person I know. See to the left of her? That would be a motorcycle helmet. I made sure to ask what the project was:  137-32 Charme by DROPS design and the yarn is a light cotton from Grand River Yarns. This lady is so talented and I’ll have to tell the story of John’s sweater someday – the one I gave to her in pieces and begged her to sew up and put a zipper in. I’m amazed she still speaks to me.


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  1. Shani says:

    Good morning, Caroline,

    Thank you so much for sharing Eddie with me this morning. My DH and youngest son also got a grin looking at his picture. He reminds us so much of Sniffers, and we miss him loads still. Sniffers was part of a litter of pups with their mama that was rescued over 13 years ago, and we got him from the rescue organization. He was a fantastic dog, and had a wonderful, smart, and unique personality. It’s been three months now, and we’re beginning to consider another dog; it just doesn’t seem like home without one anymore. When we were in St. Louis last weekend for the Highland Games, we found the Scottish Terrier Rescue Organization’s tent and I fell in love. We took a card, and when we’re ready (hopefully soon), I’m going to contact them. Rescue dogs are definitely the way to go for us.

    Loved the photo and story of your knitting friend; thanks for sharing! Tell her someone in Illinois thinks she’s pretty awesome. 🙂

    Have a lovely day,
    Shani x

  2. woolythyme says:

    yeah for rescues. i have one by my side right now!!!

  3. Adrienne says:

    My goal over the next 3 months will be to see if I can get Eddie to come get some love from me whenever I visit! Don’t have that problem with Daria … she insists on some loving from everyone who walks through your door! LOL

  4. fawn says:

    Awwww… those sweet dog faces. Eddie is so lucky to be in such a good home now and I bet you feel lucky to have him! Rescues are the best!

    Motorcycle and knitting and clarinet! She is so cool!

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