Home Again

John drove up to collect me on Friday. We stayed for the night and left early on Saturday because the wind was picking up again, and I hate crossing when the waves are, well, wavy. Already I’m counting the days until we can go back. I fared well for the week on my own – it was the first time I had done it and I was lucky that nothing went wrong with the solar or propane while I was there.

Topiary is ticking along, my helper watched carefully.


Landmark’s Iris almost has the black¬†outlining complete, I’d love to finish this one up in the next few weeks.



Now that I’m home again, it’s time to pay attention to a few other WIP’s. This is a LHN design – “12 Days of Christmas” and is a fairly easy¬†stitch with the words taking shape satisfyingly quick. I like the lord a leapin’, but the french hen seems to be sitting on top of the swan which is a little weird…..


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  1. Adrienne says:

    Aweome progress on the 12 Days of Christmas!!

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