The weather was strange today with the most amazing clouds. Cool and windy this morning, it rained briefly, then cleared and the wind blew harder. There is a wind warning over the next few days, but no one is scheduled to go anywhere until Thursday when it should be much calmer. John likes the waves, it’s me that worries. If I could park myself here and never have to step foot on the boat unless absolutely needed, I would be quite happy. Nicholas (age 7) and I discussed emergency procedures this morning. Since we don’t really have a proper address as such out here it’s important that he knows how to direct help here should heย ever need it. Fortunately our cell signal is reliable, though I can’t say the same for our internet connection this year. We use our phones to provide wifi, and I think they must have changed the direction of our local tower because the connectivity has been spotty and slow most of the summer. However, this is my view. Who needs the internet?

Also of note – we saw the bald eagle again this afternoon! He or she really seems to like the windy days the best. The nest must be close by, I’ve read they only travel about a 10-20 mile daily radius during non-migratory times. I’ve been fortunate enough to see him three times this summer.


My turtle stack continues to grow. I thought that the designer, Tracy Horner, provided an excellent write up of the inspiration for her design. I’ll include it after the picture if you’re interested.


“Centuries ago, philosophers discussed how the universe was put together, coming up with some very creative cosmological theories. Without an understanding of planetary gravity, some theorized that the (flat) earth was held atop the back of a large beast – most popularly, a turtle or an elephant. When asked what was holding up that turtle, they responded that it was another turtle.And beneath that; another turtle. In fact, it was turtles all the way down. Versions of this story show up anecdotally in various cultures and writings even to this day.” – Tracy Horner of Ink Circles

I’ve been a fan of Tracy’s designs for many years. I know I have a few in the UFO pile that need finishing ๐Ÿ˜‰ Check out www.inkcircles.com and prepare to be impressed!

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4 Responses to quiet

  1. Karen says:

    Caroline, what fabric are you using for your turtles? It’s perfect for them!

    • caroline says:

      Hi Karen,
      It’s a banding fabric that I bought at my LNS when I kitted up the project. I’m good friends with the owner and have sent her an email asking for more information. It’s a great question and thanks! I think it’s pretty perfect as well ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Adrienne says:

    The turtles are looking fantastic!! I love this design. And the fabric is spot-on perfect. Wish I had some in my stash!

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