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I’ve had a few finishes this year before I begin this ramble. One of my favourites was this design by Blackbird Designs – “Christmas Garden”. I know the linen is wrinkled, but it’s the only photo I have of it up here on my computer and the original project is back at home. This one will be a placeholder until it’s framed. I began the stitching in October of 2014 and completed it in March of this year. There are only 4 different colours and I used two that were charted and two substitutions – need to look up exactly what those were in September on the pattern. I was unsure whether or not I would like adding in my family’s initials as called for, but in the end I think that is my favourite feature of the design. It’s a large design and I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out and the fact that I completed it so quickly (for me).


The weather today is overcast, I’ve already had to run the generator to charge our batteries. Living off the grid is pretty interesting stuff, if I do say so. We use batteries that are connected to some solar panels to fill the water tank, and charge numerous electronic devices. I also used my sewing machine here successfully last year making a lap sized quilt and the system worked beautifully. This year I’ve brought my LED Ott style table lamp and it doesn’t require hardly any power – hoo-ray for night time stitching! When there is no sun we must run the generator to charge the batteries. Normally we would just do without certain things to conserve power on the grey days, but my girl is doing a summer school course online to get ahead for next year and obviously needs the laptop to work…. The fridge, oven and lights are run off of propane tanks. My very talented (and licensed…) father installed all of our gas fittings on our cottage. It was a ton of work and many times when I turn on a light I appreciate him all over again. I love it here.

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