I’ve been given this next week to spend on my own, as a gift. My husband knows my introvert tendencies well and has taken the children home so that I may spend the week recharging my batteries. I packed a box carefully filled with projects that I have been itching to work on, and anticipated this holiday with the same glee that is usually reserved for Christmas.

We arrived on Saturday and spent a lovely weekend together with perfect weather. Now, they’ve left and it’s quiet. I can hear the birds, a snoring dog and nothing else. My son cried when they left, and I will admit there was a huge piece of me that wanted to shout, “Wait! I’ll come home with you – I”m sorry, what was I thinking?” Though I also knew that they would be just fine without me, and so would I without them (not for too long).

Now I have a pot of espresso and a project to work on. I’m trying to finish this for my daughter and it’s been on the frame far too long. It’s “Iris” a design by Landmark Designs, from the stained glass series. Tomorrow, I knit. After I call the kids of course.

Thank you John, you’re the best.


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  1. Adrienne says:

    I just love the riot of colour on this piece! Great work!

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