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Remembrance Day

  I spent most of yesterday thinking it was Remembrance Day. I wore my poppy and at 11:11 I had a quiet moment and thought of how lucky I was to live in Canada and have the freedom that I … Continue reading

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monday again

Yesterday was an extremely long day. We left around 8am and had a little tour of Times Square by car on our way to the Lincoln Tunnel. There was a bridge scheduled for demolition this weekend in the Niagara area … Continue reading

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early morning

This city can be overwhelming! For an introvert, a few days is plenty of time and I will be ready to go back to the relative quiet of my home city and dream of the silence of the island to come … Continue reading

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start spreading the news….

I seem to have Frank Sinatra singing in my ear all day long while I’m here. What a crazy, busy city! We walked down through Central park this morning to make our way to the American Museum of Natural History. … Continue reading

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change of location.

Well, 5am came early this morning and saw us packed and out the door. 2 hours later, we were at the border in Fort Erie exchanging our CDN rainbow money for the plain green US $ and ooogling the vats … Continue reading

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“oy” and the importance of great lighting

Good morning and happy Wednesday! Today’s project is an ornament that I stitched mostly last Christmas from the 2014 ornament issue and when the holidays were over I tucked it away. Since it needs very few stitches to finish it, I’m … Continue reading

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on the move

Tuesday and Wednesday are my craziest days of every week. A lot of teaching, business paperwork for John, orchestra and family life must happen so every moment must be scheduled. I have no complaints, my students are terrific and lots … Continue reading

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Irish Hiking Scarf

This was one of the first few knitting projects that I ever started, and to be honest I had 100% completely forgotten about it. In the great clean out of 2015 (which is like my WIP pile, unfinished) I rediscovered … Continue reading

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here we go.

So, this is a project that I can actually see the end of maybe by the end of the year – so I’m starting with this in hopes that in dribs and drabs over the next two months it will … Continue reading

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