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There will not be a temari post today. It will probably go up on Thursday around lunchtime. I apologize, but it was a hectic weekend and today my day job is requiring my full attention. I work for John’s retail … Continue reading

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temari part 2b

See intro here. See supply list here. See part 1 here.  See part 2a here. Today’s post will catch me up to what I had hoped to complete on Monday. You’ll need the paper strip that we used to measure the ball to find the … Continue reading

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soup again and chalkboard designs

Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating today! I had a butternut squash on the counter the other day and a hankering for soup so pulled some ideas from a few different recipes online and came up with a rather delicious concoction. … Continue reading

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monday, monday – temari part 2a

See intro here. See supply list here. See part 1 here. OK! So – here’s what we’ll need today: Ignore the stuff in the back, you will not need a razor blade or weird cork tubes. My daughter is an oboe player and this … Continue reading

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Just a quick check in today – I’m off to Toronto for the weekend to visit a dear friend who I don’t see nearly often enough (the cream cabled infinity scarf is for her!) I have meant to post a … Continue reading

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Christmas knitting

Last Thursday I cast on the second (and only other) Christmas present project. Every year my side of the family draw names for the adult gift giving and this year I will be giving my father a gift. This has … Continue reading

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temari learner ball – part 1

See intro here. See supply list here. Just a reminder of the end goal – the learner ball uses a base colour of sewing thread and is embroidered with perl cotton and a metallic thread as well if desired. The … Continue reading

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I think we could all use a little comfort this weekend.  I like to bake when I’m feeling unsettled and it distracts me from checking the news updates every ten minutes. Then, I just need a little will power to … Continue reading

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temari supplies

You’ll need: 1 styrofoam ball – the one with the rough surface is much easier to work with. yarn – enough to completely wrap the ball and not thicker than sport weight. It matters not what colour, this will be … Continue reading

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temari along?

Would anyone be interested in learning how to make a beginner ball? I’d be happy to post a series of tutorials on here if there were some who would like to learn. Please leave me a comment if you would … Continue reading

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