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thank you

What a wonderful response I had from both the yarn along and d2e blog this week. I have had comments from all over the world and it was so interesting to read about where you are from and what you … Continue reading

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down to earth

2 posts in one day! A blog that I’ve read for many years, Down to Earth by Rhonda Hetzel is featuring our favourite places and spaces. Today, I’m lucky enough to be included. This place, here in beautiful Georgian Bay … Continue reading

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yarny goodness

I’m joining in this Wednesday with Ginny and the Wednesday yarn and reading along. The lego is taking the place of my reading this week because that’s what Nicholas and I have been spending most free moments doing…. My garter … Continue reading

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The weather was strange today with the most amazing clouds. Cool and windy this morning, it rained briefly, then cleared and the wind blew harder. There is a wind warning over the next few days, but no one is scheduled … Continue reading

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mice and dogs and turtles, oh my!

Mr. and Mrs Mouse have decided that our BBQ is the perfect place to set up their home this summer. Five times, we have removed the nest (carefully checking for babies first) and then scorched the heck out of the … Continue reading

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another blanket and a new sport

Back in Georgian Bay for the next few weeks, the routine of caring for an off the grid simple life back in place feels great. Laundry is out on the line and my husband has done some maintenance on┬áthe deep … Continue reading

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busy fingers

I’m home for a few days to get some work done and pick up clothes for myself and the children for the memorial. I’ll also be playing a flute solo so I guess I’d better practice……. The first two nights … Continue reading

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Today was the deadline for the KAL for the Quince & Co. shawl. I struggled to finish because of a family tragedy, but in the end it became an important way to work through the grief. Being able to create … Continue reading

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