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I’ve started a new craft. I’ve been taking weaving lessons from a little shop up the road from me. So far, I’ve made 6 different coasters all with different patterns. and now I’m learning how to warp the loom to … Continue reading

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Home Again

John drove up to collect me on Friday. We stayed for the night and left early on Saturday because the wind was picking up again, and I hate crossing when the waves are, well, wavy. Already I’m counting the days … Continue reading

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A Windy Night

  Last night after a¬†pretty spectacular sunset , the wind picked up around 11pm. We are on a small island out in Georgian Bay, and the weather greatly affects our ability to get back to the mainland, so I have … Continue reading

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I’ve been given this next week to spend on my own, as a gift. My husband knows my introvert tendencies well and has taken the children home so that I may spend the week recharging my batteries. I packed a … Continue reading

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Waiting for Summer

This is my view for part of the year. Hopefully as this blog progresses, my photography skills will improve. Knitting, stitching and an ever present cup of coffee keep me company while I spend time with my family. I’ve needed … Continue reading

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