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temari learner ball – part 1 Go to the above to get started! The links to follow through on the subsequent tutorial posts should be fairly clear. If not, I’ll link again 🙂 If you look at the bottom of … Continue reading

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The Met photos and a link for washing projects

Tips for washing cross stitch projects!! – see the link here: Needlework tips and techniques Photos from the my favourite exhibit at MOMA What a gift, to see these treasures!!

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Cross Stitch Abbreviations…..

I’ve had a couple of requests to de-mystify those little acronyms that crafters now come across on the internet. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I’m going to link to a very wonderfully detailed list (from a fantastic website) Cloudsfactory. That … Continue reading

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New flosstube episode

I’ve recorded and am uploading episode 7 of From the Stash Pile. This Alessandra Adelaide piece was my show and tell, and I said that I would post an up close photo here as the glare was so bad on … Continue reading

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Good to the last drop

I can’t believe it, but my summer is coming to an end again – even more quickly than last year.  Only three more nights until we are pushed back into our school/work routine and town life. It is always a … Continue reading

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Proof Positive

I’ll be recording a floss tube episode this evening and thought I would show one of the Landmark designs that I stitched a few years ago. There are 12 and I’ve planned to stitch 10 of them. 5 are complete … Continue reading

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Back in the big city

It’s been a long day, we didn’t leave the island until 3:30 and it’s approximately a 5 hour drive. Nicolas had a nap towards the end of the trip and listen to this – Sarah drove the entire way except … Continue reading

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Thank you

Thank you so much for your kind words about Oscar. The house is different without him and what I miss most is the sound of his loud purring practically every time you looked at him. One time at the vet, … Continue reading

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Goodnight sweet boy

This past Monday, we said goodbye to my most treasured cat. I recorded a podcast on Tuesday and couldn’t mention him then because I thought I might not be able to not cry, and who wants to see that? He … Continue reading

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From the Stash Pile – Flosstube Ep.1

I can’t quite believe I’m doing this, but I’ve put out a solo podcast for my stitching because I wanted to talk about it even more. I can’t seem to stop wanting to talk, I’m lucky that Adrienne and Louise … Continue reading

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